Services Offered

“We are a group of certified wound care physicians who provide wound care and dermatological services to nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.”


Quality physician wound care

The physician will conduct weekly wound rounds with your nursing staff and, when required, will perform on-site conservative debridement/curettage, which reduces bio-burden, necrotic tissue and potential infection. Every wound is documented using our MDS 3.0 compliant Electronic Medical Records system.

Our physicians will also provide dermatological services at bedside.

Doppler scans are conducted to assess lower extremity wounds and helps to define the correct etiology of each wound.

We have been quoted to provide a “multispecialty, interdisciplinary wound and skin management team delivering a resident-centered and outcome-oriented program focused on the quality of life and quality of care”.

Bedside physician wound care at no cost to your facility

Our services are billed to Medicare Part B, Medicaid, or the HMO.

There is no impact on consolidated billing for the facility as all services provided fall under the category of ‘physician services,’ a category completely excluded from consolidated billing. Physician services are covered by Medicare Part B. See section 4432 (b) of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (BBA, P.L. 105-33). Original list of exclusions at section 1888(e) (2) (A) (ii) of the Act.

As our physicians provide services at bedside in the long term care facility, we negate the need to transport patients to outside clinics and/or wound care centers, thus saving the cost of the ambulance and the wound care center fees.

The physician will ensure cost effective use of the facility’s protocols and formularies. Deviations, when necessary, are first discussed with facility staff and administration.

A physician wound program that is compliant with state regulations F314

As our physicians work ‘in house’ with your nursing staff, we are fully aware and compliant with the state survey process and associated wound care F-tags (F314, F385, F501) and wound care regulations. Our physicians are able to speak with state auditors during the survey process and have been involved with training state surveyors in modern wound care techniques in the long term care arena.

The Vohra Wound Physician Group has also been utilized on many occasions to support the plan of corrections for facilities that have been ‘spot lighted’ by state audits. We have recently been recognized in the successful turnaround of a challenged nursing facility in conjunction with the Delmarva Foundation, a Quality Improvement Organization based in Maryland. Click here to view the Storyboard.

A wound care program that helps protect against wound related litigation

Our physician team implements early, aggressive, and appropriate wound management exceeding the standard of care. Our physician ensures correct documentation and staging of wounds.

The wound physician meets with the resident’s family members to discuss care plans for the resident and realistic treatment goals.

Wound care education and in-servicing for nursing staff

Our wound physicians provide ongoing education during weekly wound rounds and can also deliver formal tailored education to your nursing teams as needed.