Ohio Physician Jobs

The Nation's largest wound care physician group is hiring in Ohio!

Find out how you can start enjoying NO Nights, NO Weekends, NO Holidays and NO Call

Average Earnings of $160,000 - $260,000 Full Time

  • Create a niche and become an expert in the field of wound and skin care
  • Apply your technical skills with local wound and skin care procedures, including debridements, incisional and excisional biopsies and other minor procedures
  • Avoid the hassle of excessive non-clinical duties and enjoy the ability to directly assess and treat patientsí clinical issues and see timely results
  • Lead a wound care team that strives to provide excellent care for a population of patients who are in need of your services
  • Take advantage of the ability to document quickly and efficiently at the bedside with streamlined Electronic Medical Records
  • Have the luxury of affiliation with a national health care company who helps build and support your practice
  • Enjoy flexibility in your schedule: no on-call time and no need to work on weekends

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